District Policies
Políticas del distrito

Foundation and Basic Commitments 

AC - Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability

ACE - Admission and Denial of Admission

ADD - Safe Schools July 2011

ADF - Health and Wellness Policy

School Board Governance and Operations

BDFC - Preschool Council Nov 2013

BE - School Board Meeting (Updated 3/2020)

BEAA - Electronic Participation in School Board Meeting (Updated 3/2020)

BEC - Executive Sessions (Updated 3/2020)

BG - School Board Policy Process (Updated 3/2020)

BG-R - Policy Adoption (Updated 3/2020)

General School Administration

DAB - Financial Administration

Fiscal Management

Support Services

EEAEG - Wireless Communication Devices on School Vehicles

ECAECAB - Security Access to Buildings January 2014

EFEA - Nutritious Food Choices

Facilities Development


GCG-R1 - Professional Staff Pay for Substituting During Planning Hour

GBA - Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity

GBAA - Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

GBAAR - Sexual Harrassment

GBEB - Staff Conduct July 2011

GBGG - R Staff Leave and Absences

GCOA - Evaluation of Instructional Staff

GCOE - Evaluation of Evaluators

GCQA - Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQC GCQD - Resignation of Instructional Staff Administrative Staff

GCQC GCQD R - Resignation of Instructional Staff Administrative Staff

GDAA  - Title I Paraprofessionals Nov 2010



IC-ICA - School Calendar Instruction Time 21413

IG - English Language Learners

IHCDA Post-Secondary Options / Concurrent Enrollment

IHCDA-R - Post-Secondary Options / Concurrent Enrollment

IHAE - Physical Education July 2011

IHBEA - English Language Learners

IHBF - Homebound Students 22013

IHBG - Homeschooling (revised) 22013

IKA - Grading Assessment Systems

IKD-R - Academic Honors

IKF-2 - Graduation Requirements

IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

IHBA - Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities Nov. 2013

IHBIB - Primary-Preprimary Education Nov 2013


JFAB - Continuing_Enrollment_of_Students_Who_Become

JEA, - Compulsory Attendance Ages 21413

JF - Admission and Denial of Admission

JFABD - Homeless Students

JFABD-R - Homeless Students

JFF - Student Activities Funds

JFFR - Student Activities Fund

JH - Student Absences 22013

JHB - Truancy

JLCC - Communicable/Infectious Diseases

JLCDB - Administration to Medical Marijuana to Qualified Students

JICDE - Bullying Prevention and Education 22013

JICH - Drug and Alcohol Involvement by Students

JICH-R - Drug and Alcohol Involvement by Students

JKG - Expulsion Prevention Policy 22013

JLJ - Physical Activity

JQ - Student Charges Fines, and Fees

JRAJRC - Student Records July 2011

JRCA - Sharing of Student Records Between State Agencies

Students Community Relations

JS - Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices

KEF-_Public_Concerns Complaints_about_Teaching_Me

KBA - District Parent Involvement

KI - Visitors to Schools

KDE - Crisis Management Jan 2014

KDB-R - Public's Right to Know Freedom of Information

KE & KE-R - Public Concerns and Complaints

KFA - Public Conduct on District Property

KLG - Relations with State Agencies


JFABA_- Nonresident_Tuition_Charges_Feb_20121


JFC_- Student_Withdrawal_From_SchoolDropouts_Feb_201


JFCR_- Student_Withdrawal_From_SchoolDropouts_Feb_20