Our Colors: Black & White

SG Mascot: Panther


Upcoming Events
  • Sept. 17th—Constitution Day! Teachers will be teaching about Constitution

  • Sept. 17th—After School Tutoring @ 4 p.m. for students who are struggling, have a failing grade or missing assignments.

  • Sept. 18th—Knowledge Bowl meet @ ASU @ 8 am

  • Sept. 18th—Elementary TLC @ 4 p.m. Mrs. Chavez’ Room

  • Sept. 19th—Middle School TLC from 9 a.m.-11 a.m in Mrs. Chavez’ Room

  • Sept. 24th—After School Tutoring @ 4 pm

  • Sept. 24th—Booster Club Meeting @ 6 p.m. in library

  • Sept. 25th—4th grade trip to Cole Park in Alamosa for Water Festival

  • Book Fair is Coming!!! Sept. 29th—Oct. 2nd it will be open Mon.—Thur. from 8:30am-1:00pm and Thur. evening during Parent—Teacher Conference from 5pm-7:30pm

  • Oct. 1st—Student Count Day it is important that all students are here this day. If you can please help us out by making sure they are in school.