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Anne Gile
Guidance Counselor
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Dana MacFarlane
Behavaioral Health Counselor
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Behavioral Health would like to offer support during this extremely difficult and unknown time that we are all going through. You are all being faced with difficult decisions during this time, and we understand the stress and anxiety that can cause.  Our School Based Specialists want to support you during this time in any way that we can. 

Our agency has moved to virtual tele-therapy through an app called Life size Video Conferencing. It is an easy app to download and use.  If you are interested in talking to a School Based Specialist for any reason, or enroll in brief therapy services, please reach out to any of us and we will gladly take time to meet with you virtually. 

Please click here for information on handling stress and anxiety during COVID-19

Call 719-589-3671 for information and appointments.

Elementary & Middle School Brainchild

Make sure you are:

  • Getting adequate sleep

  • Keeping up with proper nutrition

  • Getting outside as much as possible

  • Engaging in regular physical activity


Practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga or other forms of self-care can also help center you in routines and awareness.  

Mindfulness Video (to be changed every week.)

Mindfulness/Meditation Apps - Calm; Headspace; Aura; Stop, Breathe, and Think

Consider keeping a journal.  The time you are living in will be history.  Write about how your routine has changed, what you are feeling, what’s on the news, or what you might be worried about.  Write whatever feels right. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar errors. Journaling can be a helpful tool in managing your mental health.

Monitor your time on social media and be aware of how it makes you feel.  Instead of scrolling through Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, FaceTime with your friends, or do a Google Meet.  It’s important that you still have face to face social interactions.  

Please reach out to your school counselor if you need anything - academic or otherwise!  We are still here for you, even if it’s digitally. 

Video Links

Please let the school know if you need personal hygiene items, internet, food, or someone to talk to

Covid-19 Hierarchy of needs for schools

Sierra Grande Comprehensive Health and Wellness Plan

With the purpose of the District Comprehensive Health and Wellness Plan is to:

  • Identify district health and wellness priorities.

  • Select evidence-based practices to implement.

  • Put mechanisms in place to ensure the success of our plan

View the Health and Wellness documents on Google Drive